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Jules Verne
Ecole Primaire - Elementary School
À Jules-Verne, nous faisons le tour du monde en 180 jours.
At Jules-Verne, we travel the world in 180 days.

Aug '18
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Governing Board





Irene Tsimiklis



Eva Cerulli

Johanne Charbonneau

Nathalie Giguere

Annie St Louis


Alternate Teachers

Amanda Freitas Pereira

Karine Riopel


Support Staff

Lisa Murray


Daycare Technician

Paula Freitas


Parents Delegates

Nicolas Parent  - Chairperson

Sheila Lindsay  - Vice Chairperson

Samuel Lhémery  - Parent Committee Delegate

Gianni Scalzo   - Alternate Parent Committee Delegate

Nelly Di Serio -  Secretary

Alternate Parent Delegates

Daniela Ferreira

Claudia Pisanelli

Samuel Lhémery


Chairperson email:







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Upcoming Events Calendar

Aug-27: Workbooks, Uniforms, School Supplies and Pay School Fees
Aug-28: Parent / Teacher Night 6 to 8 pm
Aug-30: First Day of School
Sep-03: Labor Day

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