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Jules Verne
Ecole Primaire - Elementary School
À Jules-Verne, nous faisons le tour du monde en 180 jours.
At Jules-Verne, we travel the world in 180 days.

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Governing Board






Tina Miscio


Eva Cerulli

Johanne Charbonneau

Nathalie Giguere

Annie St Louis


Alternate Teachers

Amanda Freitas Pereira


Support Staff

Sabrina Delisle-Proulx

Daycare Educator

Lisa Murray


Parents Delegates

Nicolas Parente - Chairperson

Gianni Scalzo  - Vice Chairperson

Steve Samanez - Secretary

Daniela Ferreira

Samuel Lhémery

Claudia Pisanelli



Alternate Parent Delegates

Adam Garonce - Parent Committee Delegate

Kelly Nolan - Alternate Parent Committee

Jessica Budd


Chairperson email:







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Upcoming Events Calendar

Apr-24: Secretary's Day
Apr-26: Jump Rope for Heart
Apr-29: Exam FSL GR.6
Apr-30: TCBY Graduation Fundraiser
Apr-30: Exam FSL GR.6
May-01: Exam FSL GR.6
May-02: Exam FSL GR.6
May-03: Exam FSL GR.6
May-06: Exam FSL GR.6
May-07: Home & School Meeting 7:30 - 9 pm

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